Richard Igwe, CEO of Topnotch, on a Mission to Help Growing and Striving Businesses

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Young businessman and CEO, Richard Igwe, is on a quest to positively influence the journeys of young entrepreneurs like himself. Igwe is passionate and dedicated to helping businesses succeed, having built his own company at a young age. Igwe, who strongly believes in mentorship and support, has connected with influential entrepreneurs, male and female alike, and intends to share their stories alongside his in his soon-to-be published book, “Get Rich or Die Trying.” The young CEO has conducted his first set of interviews with young and wealthy entrepreneurs. In these interviews, he gleaned exclusive business tips and secrets from top Instagram influencer and CEO of Magic Revive, Amarachi Amusi also known as Ashmusy, as well as Cryptocurrency expert and Billpoint CEO, Linus Williams, also known as Blord.

Igwe is set to conduct more interviews with other accomplished entrepreneurs. The full details of these interviews will be unveiled in Igwe’s forthcoming book, “Get Rich or Die Trying.” The book promises to offer practical advice not only from Igwe himself, but also established businessmen and women. It will also be loaded with proven strategies to empower young business enthusiasts to unlock their potential, navigate the complexities of business and ultimately achieve financial freedom.
Igwe’s “Get Rich or Die Trying” is poised to be a key to many young entrepreneurs’ questions as it will be hosting tips to developing marketing and business strategies. As the world anticipates this groundbreaking release, readers are assured to be set on a metamorphic journey toward attaining financial independence and realizing their entrepreneurial dreams.

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