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Welcome to Africa’s #1 trusted Press Release and Global Content Distribution platform. Enhance your brand recognition, amplify online presence, and secure increased press coverage.

Get increased reputation, visibility sales, sign-ups, and conversions on your website and brand

According to research incorporating social proof on your website can lead to a potential increase of up to 400% in PR conversions. Our case studies also indicate that customers can achieve a boost of 48% in conversions simply by displaying “As Seen On” NBC, FOX, CBS, Bloomberg, yahoo, BBC logos on their websites. By showcasing your association with reputable news sources, your stakeholders are likely to develop a greater level of trust in your brand on a subconscious level.

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Benefits of Getting Featured

Great for SEO & organic traffic

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By publishing your article across more than 100 news sites that link back to your site, you can give your site a significant boost in positive SEO.

In the PDF report we provide, you will receive a list of live URLs where your article has been featured, including a link to view your article’s indexing on Google Search.

This approach also helps increase your brand awareness.

Quick & easy boost to your business

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The most significant advantage of having your brand showcased is that it is a prompt, effortless, and enduring way to give your business a lift.

You only need to pay once, provide your fundamental business information (which takes less than 5 minutes), and in just a few days, you’ll earn the valuable trust factor of being recognized on authoritative news sites as “As Seen On.”

As you only require one feature on a site to claim “As Seen On” indefinitely, you can enjoy a permanent boost to your brand with no subscriptions or complications. It’s a straightforward approach to earning profits.

Here are a few testimonials from our delighted customers.

At Jasipr, we specialize in assisting businesses of various sizes in acquiring focused exposure on esteemed media platforms. Our clientele represents diverse industries such as law, finance, Real Estate, Skin Care, and many others.
Javier Lorie


Fantastic, fast, and convenient service, my brand got featured in 100+ sites in a few days. HIGHLY recommended!!
Elite Event Creator

Great PR and great customer service

Great PR and great customer service, would definitely recommend them! I took my time to compare their service, and realized that by far they seemed the most professional, and I wasn’t wrong. Loved working with them and can definitely recommend them.
Soldbyrichard - oyekunle

They provide Trustworthy PR service

We had been on the lookout for a trustworthy PR service for some time and had wasted significant time, effort, and finances before we discovered Jasipr. After conducting a test PR with them, we were delighted with the outcome and have since become a repeat customer.

Savvymedia - Tofunmi

Jasipr Outshines top competitors in the industry

Your press release distribution service is exceptional and outshines even the top competitors in the industry .You have efficiently distributed our PR to an unprecedented number of media entities, providing us with unparalleled exposure.

Your pricing is also unbeatable, as for just $99 per PR, you offer what others charge up to $2,000. This makes your service the best-kept secret in the public relations business. We appreciate all the exceptional work you do and thank you for the excellent results


Questions grouped by topic and ordered by most frequently asked

About Jasipr

Jasipr is a market disruptor that revolutionizes the way you approach press release distribution. As Africa’s #1 Trusted Global News Content Distribution platform, we cover every major region globally, providing news to millions of people for maximum effectiveness. Our mission is to help you reach your audience, and we’re achieving that by taking market share from competitors and offering lower pricing. Join us in reaching millions of users today.

Jasipr enables you to reach millions of people within minutes, thanks to our exclusive proprietary distribution footprint. Unlike our competitors, we offer access to journalists, businesses, and industry professionals you can’t reach elsewhere.

Our world-leading press release distribution platform provides exclusive distribution, and our trifecta of media distribution, PR placement, and targeted opt-in email coverage is unparalleled in the industry.

With our highly effective and affordable service, you can enjoy exceptional reach and maximize your impact. Join us in reaching our millions of users today.

Jasipr distributes releases worldwide using our World Media Directory, which includes TV and radio stations, Facebook and Twitter, newspapers, and blogs. Your release is distributed to the countries and industries you select when creating your press release. We are also a Google News source, which is a worldwide platform.

Jasipr targets your press releases to specific News platforms in the U.S. United Kingdom , Nigeria using the location you specify when creating a press release. We have lists of local media based on each state.

Yes, Jasipr distributes worldwide. Our UK media distribution list is here. We also operate a UK New sWire. To see other countries we distribute to, visit our world media directory and our world news wires.

At Jasipr, we ensure that your releases are published on our extensive distribution network.

With our world media directory, we can reach journalists and editorial desks worldwide.

However, it’s ultimately up to individual journalists to decide whether to publish part or all of your release.

While there are no guarantees that your story will be picked up by a particular outlet or journalist, issuing a press release through Jasipr can still provide significant benefits to your brand and campaign. You can increase your:

  • Search engine rank
  • Brand visibility
  • Online
  • presence
  • Business’s
  • positive image in the market
  • Positioning as an expert in your industry niche
Jasipr distributes press releases in English

The section on acceptable content is located here.

Yes we do, If you’d like help from a public relations professional with your press release , send a mail to press@jasipr.com

Jasipr is a great source of quality backlinks and SEO rank improvement. We are a Google News source, and we feed your releases into Facebook and Twitter.

You’ll gain additional benefits just by issuing a release through Jasipr. You can increase your:

  • Search engine rank
  • Brand visibility
  • Online presence
  • Business’s positive image in the market
  • Positioning as an expert in your industry niche

You’ll need to set up an account, which is free and only takes about 90 seconds. You can then pay by credit card or PayPal and the press release distribution credits are immediately applied to your account and you can start issuing releases. For payments by wire transfer, we’ll wait for the funds to clear and then add the credits to your account.

If you already have an account and are logged in, please go to your Dashboard and click on the link buy press releases.

Please visit our Pricing and Comparison page and select the option that’s best for you. It only takes about 90 seconds to set up an account. And, it’s free.

Not a problem. Please go to the Request New Password page and follow the instructions to create a new one.

Okay, we are here to help. Please first try to find an email we sent you. If you do not have one, please email us through our Contact Form and provide any information that will help us identify your account such a title of a press release you have previously issued through us.

Yes, they can, but only one email address can be associated with an account. You need to share.

Press release credits are valid for 365 days from your last purchase. You can check the time remaining for your credits on your Dashboard.

Jasipr provides our PRO+ and Corporate clients a Newsroom feature. This is a dedicated page on Jasipr where all your press releases will be displayed along with other information about your company or organization. It’s a dedicated space branded with your logo that you can refer people to from your marketing materials. It’s also great for your SEO.
The submission process. The submission process. How it works
It takes just 3 simple steps to prepare your release: create, preview, and choose a distribution. Click on the link “Submit New Release” and then follow the instructions. A form will guide you through the process. It’s as easy as 1-2-3. You can always prepare a draft and save it to work on later or share with it colleagues before submitting it to our editorial staff for review and distribution. Please watch our short tutorial video.

You may save a press release as a draft and return to it at any time to edit it. If you’ve already submitted it for editorial approval but it has not yet been approved or distributed (this applies to scheduled press releases), you can revert it back to a draft. You’ll find a “Revert to Draft” link next to it on the Dashboard. If you find an error and need an edit after it’s been published and distributed we are always happy to make them. Please contact us.

Yes, we can help you. If the release has already been distributed, we can edit it and the edits will appear on all the versions we control through our network and distribution partners. Just send us an email through the contact form indicating the release and the changes needed. We are happy to help you.

If the release has not yet been distributed and is pending approval or scheduled, all you need to do is go to your Dashboard and revert it to a draft. You may then make your edits and resubmit the release for editorial approval.

Yes. Each press release must be approved by our editors prior to distribution. The common reasons for disapproval are cases where the text does not conform to our press release policy, it contains inappropriate language or subject matter, or there is incomplete account information. We do not copy edit your release but we are always happy to make edits for you if something is found later.

You may use 300 – 500 words.

No. You must add text and images directly into the form provided in our editorial system. Though we do make this very easy for you.

You can use any location. We recommend choosing the one that best matches the content of your press release or the desired audience.

There are three areas where you can update contact information. One is associated with your account, one is associated with your newsroom, and each press release can have unique individual contacts. This means you can keep a library of contacts for your releases. Edit your account information here. Edit your newsroom account information here. And please click here to visit your press release contact library.

Yes, you can use multiple contacts, although the form currently allows you to enter only one. The solution is to add the contacts directly to the body of the press release.

You will receive notifications throughout the submission and approval process. Your Dashboard will also show you the status of all your releases.

Yes, they’re available on your Dashboard and we email them to you. These are ready about 2 hours after the release is distributed.

Distribution reports are available within 2 hours after publishing/distribution. They can be found on your dashboard.

Deleting press releases

Yes, but the process depends on the status of the press release.

7 Reasons To Get Your Brand Featured

  1. You get to cite “As Seen On” NBC, FOX, CBS, USA Today and 100+ more authority news sites
  2. Your article is guaranteed to be published on our network of news sites, including official NBC, FOX, CBS, and USA Today affiliates
  3. You will receive a PDF of live URLs to your article published on all 100+ sites
  4. Free organic traffic to your website from your published article, which will include backlinks to your site
  5. SEO boost from your article being indexed to Google search
  6. Massive social proof from being published on hundreds of trusted sites
  7. Fast and effortless way to boost your website conversion rate – we do all the work for you

Our 100% money back guarantee

Your article is guaranteed to be published on our wide network of authority news sites Bloomberg, yahoo , including affiliates of NBC, FOX, CBS, and USA Today. If for any reason you don’t get published to the news networks aforementioned above, simply contact us and you will receive a prompt and courteous refund.
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