Popular Instagram Influencer, Ashmusy, Shares Secrets to Fame and Success in Exclusive Interview with Topnotch CEO, Richard Igwe

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The CEO of Topnotch, Richard Igwe, recently played host to top Nigerian influencer and entrepreneur, Amarachi Amusi, popularly known as Ashmusy, in an exclusive interview. Ashmusy, a popular Instagram influencer, successful content creator and YouTuber, is also the CEO of Magic Revive, a flourishing hair business which has catered to the beauty needs of many across Nigeria, as well as DiamondCrest Homes, a real estate company.

Gracing the interview with her presence and fun personality, the young businesswoman shared secrets on how she is fulfilling her dream to become a billionaire before the age of thirty. Ashmusy spoke of her mother as her inspiration and how she found her niche in the social media space. With her over 1.4 million followers in Instagram and over 100,000 subscribers on YouTube, the influencer stressed how her lively personality and energy contributed to her fame.

When asked about how she resolves her business challenges, the young CEO said “I already made up my mind to do this, so when it comes, it’s not a big deal for me. I don’t dwell on the problem; I dwell on the solution.” While describing success as “the ability to provide for yourself, anything and everything you need and want and also the ability to be happy and content with what you have”, the famous influencer emphasised that contentment works hand-in-glove self-sufficiency. Ashmusy also highlighted the power of consistency in the entrepreneurial journey and admonished young entrepreneurs to keep pushing through the good and bad days

Before concluding the interview, she was appreciated by Topnotch CEO, Richard Igwe for believing in the brand. Ashmusy, whose story will be shared in Richard Igwe’s soon-to-be published book, “Get Rich or Die Trying”, expressed her gratitude and shared how much faith she has in the Topnotch brand and the upcoming book. In her words, “Get Rich or Die Trying is a book everyone should have.”

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