The Rise of Digital Marketing in Nigeria: The Arowolo Damilare Story

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In the heart of Ibadan, Nigeria, an extraordinary individual is making waves in the field of digital marketing. Arowolo Damilare, founder and digital marketing expert of Win Concept, is reshaping the narrative of digital marketing in Africa.

Win Concept, a brand established in 2020, started as a personal passion project for Damilare. Today, it’s a thriving business that supports SMEs and corporate brands alike in achieving their goals. From its humble beginnings, Win Concept has evolved into a brand that fosters success for its clients, embodying its motto, “Championing Your Brand to Success.”

Damilare is not a stranger to the digital world. He holds a degree in Agricultural Economics from the College of Agriculture, Osun State University. His journey into digital marketing began while he was still a student, writing for private blogs to earn his keep. This foray into the world of digital content paved the way for a successful career in digital marketing, leading to him becoming a certified expert in areas like Google Analytics, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, and Content Marketing.
Despite his successes, Damilare’s journey hasn’t been without its hurdles. “As a digital marketer, I realize a lot of people have unrealistic expectations and are not ready to do the right thing that can sustain their businesses,” he explained. “Some expect miracles with little budgets. Others will not fulfill their end of the bargain when you help them achieve their goals.”

But Damilare is not deterred. Instead, these challenges fuel his passion and commitment to his clients. One of his proudest accomplishments is helping an SME client generate over 80 million in 4 months. “That felt really good given her location and that we started for her when she barely had a thousand followers on Instagram,” he shared.

As he reflects on his achievements and the future of Win Concept, Damilare’s goals remain ambitious. “We are currently working on helping over 200 brands to generate at least $500,000 each in 12 months,” he stated. “We are also looking to onboard at least 50 SMEs/Startups.”

His advice to aspiring professionals in his field is simple but powerful: “Don’t stop believing. Consistency will get you there.” His personal philosophy mirrors this advice, “Championing your brand to success.” A motto that underlines the mission of Win Concept, and one that he passionately believes in for every brand they work with.

Damilare’s story is a testament to the power of passion, resilience, and a strong belief in one’s abilities. It offers a beacon of hope for young entrepreneurs and digital marketers, proving that with persistence and dedication, one can indeed create a significant impact in the digital world, regardless of their background or location.
As we move further into the digital age, the role of digital marketing becomes ever more critical. Damilare and Win Concept are at the forefront of this revolution, proving that with the right mindset and tools, brands can indeed find success in the digital realm.

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