Official Devices Founder, Oso-Davies, Makes  Mark In Business, Social Impact

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Entrepreneurship, despite its challenges, has proven to be a key avenue for the personal development of youths, and one of the leading examples in this realm is none other than Oso-Davies Segun, the mind behind the Official Devices brand.

In a candid conversation with journalists in Abuja,Segun provides insights into his journey, stressing the transformative power of dedication, honesty, and resilience in the business world.

Oso-davies Segun’s entrepreneurial journey is not only marked by business success but also by his positive impact on society. Through Official Devices, he has provided high-quality gadgets at affordable prices, ensuring customer satisfaction. His dedication to understanding every aspect of the products he sells and offering comprehensive services has earned him the trust of reputable companies and celebrities.

Official Devices is a household name in the gadget industry, operating since 2017. With a solid social media presence – over 155k followers on Instagram and 27k on TikTok – this brand has rapidly ascended to the apex of its industry. “Our objective is simple,” Segun shares, “providing people with high-quality gadgets at affordable prices. This ensures peace of mind for customers looking for good value for their money.”

Beyond his business achievements, Segun has also made a difference in people’s lives. His giveaway event, where he distributed 20 gadgets to those in need, exemplifies his commitment to making a positive impact. Additionally, his focus on content creation and educating people about smartphone features and benefits demonstrates his desire to empower customers to make informed decisions.

Despite facing challenges such as competition, and exchange rate fluctuations, Segun has triumphed in building a brand without external support. His advice to aspiring entrepreneurs emphasizes the importance of being genuine, reliable, and trustworthy, principles that have been integral to his success.

Segun’s journey serves as an inspiring example for young people considering entrepreneurship, highlighting the transformative power of dedication, honesty, and resilience. It underscores the potential for entrepreneurship to not only provide personal growth but also make a positive difference in society.

When asked what advice he would offer aspiring entrepreneurs, Segun’s words echo the lessons of his own journey,

“Legit pays. Be genuine, reliable, and trustworthy.” He believes that these principles, which also form his personal philosophy, are fundamental to success in any field.

For youths aspiring to venture into business, Segun’s journey is a testament to the transformative power of dedication, honesty, and resilience.

His success story serves as an inspiring reminder that entrepreneurship, while challenging, is indeed a viable and rewarding career path for the youth.

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