Now Haven Properties Founder, Umoh Blessing Promotes Long-Term Value and Security in Property Investments

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As you step into the modern, sleek offices of Now Haven Properties, nestled in the heart of BERA Estate in Lagos, you will meet an unstoppable force: Umoh Blessing Bassey. A real estate consultant with a background in Mass Communications, Blessing is revolutionizing the local real estate landscape with a focus on providing luxury, functionality, and security.

“Our full-service execution experience uniquely sets us apart, whether it’s marketing, sales, or lease closing,” Blessing tells us. Her firm’s approach, she adds, is ‘game-changing’. Their services are customer-centric, inspiring a new style in the real estate market and challenging the status quo.

Now Haven Properties isn’t just a real estate agency. It’s a promise of quality, creativity, and brilliance. And at the helm of this operation is Blessing herself, whose work ethic is nothing short of commendable. “We are contactable around the clock, client-focused, and extremely bold when negotiating the best deals for you,” she said. “We work for our clients, not the market.”

Currently working on the decoration of a client duplex, Blessing is driven by the aim to provide unmatched service to her clients. “Aside from building myself and my brand,” she said, “my goal is to deliver unmatched service experience to our clients while helping them find the ideal home at their choicest location.”

Blessing’s primary advice to buyers is to prioritize long-term functionality and security over short-term gains or appearances. According to her, a property that offers comprehensive amenities, robust security, and efficient functionality will prove more beneficial and valuable in the long run.

But the journey to the top hasn’t been without its challenges. Obtaining the necessary equipment and space for her business was a significant hurdle. Yet, Blessing’s passion and determination shone through, leading her to create a successful business model.

Her greatest accomplishment, however, isn’t tied to her profession. “Loving myself,” she shared. A philosophy that resonates with her advice to budding professionals in her field. “Don’t let anyone pressure you,” she emphasized.

Her personal motto? “Be kind.” Simple, yet profoundly impactful. It’s evident in the way she treats her clients and the service she provides, creating a bespoke real estate experience that’s uniquely ‘Now Haven Properties.’

For prospective property buyers, this level of dedication to quality service and commitment to securing functional and secure properties can be the difference between a satisfactory investment and an exceptional one. And with Blessing’s emphasis on client satisfaction and ensuring properties provide long-term value, buyers can rest assured they’re in safe, capable hands.

Whether you’re a first-time buyer or a seasoned investor, let Blessing and her team at Now Haven Properties guide you through the property market with their expertise and dedication.

In a market as dynamic as Lagos, it’s the smart way to secure a property that will not only serve as a comfortable home but also as a wise investment for the future.

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