GoshenSquare Estates Defies Odds to Combat Housing Crisis and Empower Communities

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Olusegun Suulola, a respected real estate developer in Nigeria and founder of GoshenSquare Estates, has always been undeterred by the challenges of capital acquisition. For him, it’s not just about conquering these hurdles but also about providing a clear path for others to follow.

GoshenSquare Estates, established in 2019, was founded with a grand vision to combat Nigeria’s housing deficit problems. By making the home acquisition process easier for everyone, they aimed to provide reliable and genuine real estate services. Today, they can proudly declare that over 700 individuals in Lagos and Ogun state have become house owners through their efforts.

“I remember our early days, when the process of acquiring capital was as daunting as climbing a steep hill,” Olusegun says. “Many times, we were at the verge of giving up, but the desire to solve the housing crisis in Nigeria was our driving force.”

For Olusegun, the path to capital acquisition involved a multi-tiered strategy. He emphasises, “We learned to be open-minded, to learn from every setback and never to give up.”

Olusegun’s journey wasn’t always smooth sailing. He faced countless difficulties, and one of the most significant challenges he faced was convincing financial institutions to invest in a real estate business in a market they perceived as volatile and uncertain.

“Each time we faced a setback, we took it as a learning curve and a step closer to achieving our goal,” Olusegun says. “Our successes today would not have been possible without those setbacks. They shaped our strategies and helped us identify and mitigate potential risks.”

He further adds, “Transparency, accountability, integrity, and passion have been our watchwords. They have helped us build credibility, which is vital in attracting and retaining investors.”

Olusegun advises other real estate developers in Nigeria and elsewhere facing similar challenges to stay persistent and keep their focus on their ‘why’. “Always remember why you started. That’s the fuel that keeps you going, no matter how tough the road becomes,” he says.

Currently, Olusegun’s team is developing ‘Solomon Court 2,’ a project that includes 6 units of a 4 bedroom fully detached duplex with a bq, and the ‘Billionaire Gardens Estate,’ an ultra-modern development at Eleko.

GoshenSquare Estates’ remarkable journey serves as a beacon of hope to other companies and individuals navigating the challenges of capital acquisition. Their story echoes the words of Winston Churchill, who famously said, “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”

With the growing success of GoshenSquare Estates, Olusegun Suulola continues to make an impactful contribution to Nigeria’s real estate sector. His mission to solve the housing deficit in Nigeria and his determination to provide sustainable job opportunities for the Nigerian youth is a testament to his indomitable spirit and unyielding perseverance.

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