Top 20 Job Websites in Nigeria

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1. Jobs.delon.ng

There are hundreds of job sites in Nigeria, and I will begin by talking about the current #1 job website in Nigeria – jobs.delon.ng. I refer to them as the top job site in Nigeria because they offer several extra values that no other job site in Nigeria currently offers. First of all, Delon Jobs provides free weekly live webinars to teach Nigerian students, Pre-NYSC, NYSC and recent graduates about finding jobs in Nigeria and career development. This career development live webinar on youtube and Facebook helps to prepare young Nigerians for the employment market and provides live question and answer opportunity to address people’s specific questions.

Students, Pre-NYSC, NYSC and fresh graduates in Nigeria tune in every week to watch this program and learn a lot about many topics including but not limited to the following:

How to write cover or application letters

How to answer the interview question “tell me about yourself”

How to write CVs or resumes

Tips for job hunting

How to build a career as a software engineer

Simple Tips That Could Help You Land a Job Abroad

How to use LinkedIn for networking

Different remote jobs you can do right now

Preparing for phone interviews

Online jobs for students

Questions to ask during an interview

How to write a thank you email after the interview

Apart from the weekly video webinar, Delon Jobs also interviews several successful business owners and recruiters and publishes these interviews regularly on their website for job seekers and prospective business owners to read and learn from. I believe the owners of Delon Jobs are correctly assuming that some job seekers are also seeking to learn about starting or growing small businesses while they wait to land their dream jobs. This learning opportunity is extremely beneficial to diverse types of people across Nigeria (including job seekers, recruiters, workers looking for side hustle, workers seeking to change jobs, and small business owners seeking to grow their business).

In addition to the weekly videos and frequent interviews, Delon Jobs also publishes weekly educative articles and daily Nigerian business news related to jobs and small businesses. They also publish these articles and latest Nigeria jobs on linkedin. They have about hundred thousand followers on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram.

Delon Jobs is also the #1 IT recruitment agency in Nigeria, uniquely focused on providing top IT recruitment service in Nigeria to small and large businesses across Nigeria because virtually all recruitment companies in Nigeria provide general recruitment services and no other popular recruitment company specializes and focuses only on IT recruitment services in Nigeria. Their job site also posts current jobs in some countries in Africa, Middle East, and Asia, allowing Nigerian freelancers to get a chance to export their services outside Nigeria. They also have the most diverse database of latest jobs in Lagos.

In recent months, Delon Jobs started offering free recruitment service to small companies in Nigeria. Generally, it is always hard for small companies to hire highly talented candidates because the companies are not able to compete with big companies seeking similar candidates. Ironically, there are many talented candidates that are jobless and desperate at finding jobs in Nigeria even from small companies. Delon Jobs is currently matching such candidates with small companies that require them at zero costs. The small companies only need to identify themselves as small companies to qualify for this free service.

Delon Job website claims that their company’s vision is to help lift one million Nigerians out of poverty through their #1 classifieds in Nigeria – delon.ng and the job site. And they seem to be living by their words because their free services indeed portray them as a truly indigenous jobs company in Nigeria that is very committed to reducing unemployment in the country.

Having talked about the number 1 job site in Nigeria, I like to talk about some other top job sites in Nigeria. But before I talk about them, I like to discuss a little bit of history of job boards around the world and Nigeria.

Many years ago, the picture above was a very common way for companies to physically let passers-by know that they were hiring. Many small companies especially stores, and restaurants still use this style today and it continues to work well.

But it is far more common today for companies to use the internet to advertise their jobs. Since many employers, recruiters and job seekers all have profiles on the internet, technology solutions can be used to match them together. 

The first official launch of job board sites happened in 1992 when Bill Warren introduced ‘Online Career Center.’ Initially, it was a Bulletin Board, which eventually merged with Monster in 1995. Below are categories of job boards that have emerged in the last decade.

Niche boards: This focused mostly on specific industries and represents a more personalized approach to job search and recruitment. Niche boards contain information about specific job roles, titles, job descriptions, and opportunities within a particular geographical region. For example, if you are seeking to learn about and apply for the highest paying IT jobs in Nigeria, you will have to identify and search the Nigerian job sites focused mostly on IT jobs.

Network sites: Network sites had multiple listings and allowed recruiters to post multiple roles.

Job aggregators: Sites like indeed, zip recruiter, etc are good examples of job aggregator sites. They collect and collate information from multiple listings, where potential candidates can land their dream jobs through a single search. Many Nigerian job websites are smaller versions of indeed. While indeed uses complex algorithms to automate the process of aggregating, Nigerian job sites manually collate and post the jobs.

Find the match: Website matches candidates’ profile with the employer. Both the parties meet with each other while the site only facilitates.

Social networking: Social Job sites like LinkedIn have completely changed recruitment strategies across the world. Candidates have the opportunity to advertise their skills in an open database, and recruiters can easily select their choice.

Pay-for-applications: Employers post free but once they receive and choose qualified applications, they then make payment for service.

Mobile apps: People are now using mobile apps to perform everything described above.

2. Jobberman.com

Jobberman is a leading job site in Nigeria but I did not rank them number 1 because they are now a foreign-owned company that focuses a lot on connecting experienced job seekers with big companies. In recent years, small companies have to pay to advertise their jobs and there are not many available free services for students or recent graduates. 

Jobberman was founded in August 2009 by Nigerians but was wholly acquired in 2015 by One Africa Media (OAM). In 2016, OAM merged with Ringier Africa to become Ringier One Africa Media (ROAM). 

Jobberman is currently one of the biggest job sites in Africa, and whether you are looking for IT jobs in Nigeria, jobs in Ghana, or job vacancies in Abuja, jobberman remains a suitable job site with enormous database.

3. Glassdoor.com

Though this is job site that originates from outside Africa, it sometimes appears on google first page when searching for jobs in Nigeria and remains quite popular in the country. Glassdoor is not just a job website, it is a website where current and former employees anonymously review companies. It allows users to anonymously submit and view salaries as well as search and apply for jobs on its platform. In 2018, the company was acquired by the Japanese firm, Recruit Holdings, for US$1.2 billion. 

Glassdoor helps job seekers to learn about the companies they are trying to apply to. Job seekers can learn about salaries, interviews, and culture in the companies they are applying to before moving far in their application process.

4. Careers24.com

Careers24 has been around since 2005 and advertises jobs mainly in South. I have listed them here because they continue to post Nigeria jobs and had invested hugely in Nigeria in the past.

Careers24 is a company of Media24 and benefits from being part of the Naspers Group – Africa’s largest media company. This was the most popular job site in Nigeria at some point but has not been very popular in recent years. They used to published many highest paying IT jobs in Nigeria years ago.

5. Indeed.com

Like glassdoor, this is also a foreign job site that had made inroads to the Nigerian market in recent years. It is usually ranked number 1 by google when searching for jobs in many countries across the world. However, because they are not a local Nigerian company, they rarely meet local needs like many of the indigenous job sites.

Aside from the top five job websites described above, there are several other job sites in Nigeria that have good database of jobs for job seekers to regularly explore. They include but are not limited to the following:

6. Justjobsng.com

7. Jobcenternigeria.com

8. Totaljobs.com

9. Hotnigerianjobs.com

10. Joblistnigeria.com

11. Naijahotjobs.com

12. Ngcareers.com

13. Mylelojobs.com

14. Jobgurus.com.ng

15. Ngr-world.com/careers

16. Jobzilla.ng

17. Nairacareer.com.cutestat.com

18. Crunchbase.com/organization/jobspire

19. Employmentnigeria.com

20. Jobstoday.com.ng

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Preparing to start searching for positions on job sites: If you are a student, pre-NYSC, NYSC or recent graduate in Nigeria, it is very important to learn many things before you start looking for jobs online. You will be overwhelmed if you just jump into searching multiple job sites in Nigeria without any preparation.

First, you have to prepare a good CV for yourself. You can do this by searching for free CV samples online or on MS Word. You can also find some free CV templates from google search or hire a top CV writing company in Nigeria to help you.

Once you have prepared a good CV, the next thing is for you to determine what types of jobs you want to apply for. By type, I mean you should consider industry, category, discipline, etc. And while considering these, you should not only think about your interests. It is important to consider the job types and industries that are hiring in Nigeria, and not the ones that are dying or no longer hiring.

After determining the different types of jobs and industries that you are interested in, you need to explore several job sites to identify which ones focus a lot on your preferred types of jobs. For example, many Nigerian job sites don’t publish a lot of government jobs in Nigeria, so if your core interest is government jobs, you must find the few job sites that publish a lot of government jobs and visit them often.

Also, if you are a student or recent graduate looking for jobs, you can test the waters by applying for online jobs in Nigeria as a student and practicing business opportunities through online sales before you graduate from school. All you need to begin is your phone and internet. Below are examples of online jobs or businesses that you will find in job sites in Nigeria.

Social Media and Content Manager: This is a common example of online jobs in Nigeria. If you have been used to spending several hours on social media to have fun, you can start by spending 50% of that time learning how to use social media to promote businesses. Once you have mastered the skills very well, you can then begin to search for relevant jobs from job sites in Nigeria. 

The content management part of the job includes creating contents, writing, editing, determining what platform suits different contents, etc.

Video Editor: Many organizations today are creating video contents in addition to textual contents. So the need for video editors has increased in recent years. You have to acquire significant technical skills before you start applying for this type of position on job sites. The attractive thing about this job is that it can be done online and employers can choose to pay you as regular staff or pay-as-you-go staff.

Graphics Designer: This is another online job that you can find on several job sites. Companies, brand managers, religious organizations, event organizers, etc need graphic designs to promote their products and services. And there are many of such positions on job sites and classified ads websites.

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Web Designer and Software Developer: These are highly technical positions that require you to learn a lot before you can take on projects. It is always better to learn the skill before you start your job search. Software developer jobs in Nigeria are very high-paying jobs, so it is a great skill for engineering students in Nigerian universities and polytechnics to start learning before they graduate. Also, since many top software development companies in Nigeria are emerging every day, and they are getting busy with development work in Nigeria and other countries, software engineering jobs in Nigeria will continue to grow for several years.

Digital Marketing: This is a very broad area. It includes SEO, social media adverts and marketing, etc. There are many courses online through which people can acquire this skill. It is always a good idea to have a good grasp of the skills before seeking positions from job sites.

Online Sale: Instead of seeking a paid online job, you can also just decide to sell products online. The good thing about this business or job is that you do not need capital to begin it. You just need to identify a product that you can promote online to prospective customers. Once you identify such product, you need to find a seller that will sell to you at discounted price. Then, you can identify some classified ads websites in Nigeria, register and post your products online free. This is an easy business to start and one very common business in Nigeria today is online sale of children clothing, electronics, phones, and tablets in Nigeria.

I have in fact met many young Nigerians whose main sources of income today come through selling men and women clothing, shoes, bags and fashion online in Nigeria. And during the COVID-19 crisis, many people sold herbs online in Nigeria through several classified ads websites. As Nigeria continues to struggle with COVID-19, many people from different states are selling and hand sanitizers and face masks online in Nigeria.

Service Provider: Apart from seeking online jobs or trying to sell products online, if you have skills through which you can provide services in a big city like Lagos, you can promote your services free on a leading classified in Lagos as a service provider that will get paid per task instead of getting paid a constant amount per month. Some employers like this because it saves them from a monthly commitment that is often required when they offer you jobs. You can offer to provide services that include data entry, video editing, typing, painting, plumbing, graphic design, etc. In fact, fashion design in Nigeria is growing significantly because designers are meeting several customers online by showcasing their clothing designs on several social media websites and classifieds.

Creating a great candidate profile: Many job websites in Nigeria allow candidates to create profile for themselves. This gives you the opportunity to sell yourself at a quick glance. Some employers do not go through the entire CV of candidates. They search through job sites for relevant candidate profiles, so it is important to do it right.

Since most recruiters or employers will be searching with relevant keywords, the first and most important thing is to ensure you include many relevant keywords in your candidate profile.

You must also ensure you include all relevant skills, accomplishments, and desired job titles.

Keep it short, attractive, and concise.

Registering for job alerts: Many job sites in Nigeria allow candidates to set up automatic job alerts. This is a very important tool that every job seeker should use. Do not select too many job categories, titles, or industries so that you are not inundated with too many daily job alerts. Choose the fewest possible so that the alerts you match your interests.

Job Website Blog: Finally, job seekers should take advantage of this free blog service that is often available on most job sites in Nigeria. Try to read many articles every day in addition to searching for jobs. It is not wise to just focus on searching for jobs without learning how to develop yourself.

Reading articles on these blogs will enhance your job-hunting skills, interview preparations and overall career development.

Remember also that you should not limit your job search only to job sites. Some jobs are only available on the employers’ website. Make sure you seek out and apply for those jobs. Network, join professional associations, participate in job fares, and never give u

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