Firm empowers RCCG youths with tech skills

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In a remarkable display of corporate social responsibility, SO Techafrica, in partnership with Greenorb Technology, conducted a three-day Skill Acquisition program for the youth of RCCG Lagos Province 97 (LP 97) in Ikorodu.

The program, aimed at preparing young and adult participants for the global market, focused on technology-related training.

The event witnessed a significant turnout, with enthusiastic attendees benefiting from hands-on experience and guidance from expert instructors. APICP CSR, Pastor Oluwarinde Biodun, the coordinator for the project, highlighted the importance of such initiatives in empowering communities and providing valuable knowledge to individuals.

The driving force behind this successful endeavor was the exemplary leadership of Pastor Olukayode Agboola, who heads RCCG LP 97 in Ikorodu. Assisted by Pastor Oluwarinde Biodun, the Pastor in charge of CSR with the support of Dcn. Togbe Kolawole Samuel, Pastor Agboola’s vision for community development and empowerment came to fruition.

Participants were thrilled with the comprehensive training they received during the program. Mr. John Ogah, a multiple award-winning Real Estate Professional, expressed his appreciation, stating, “The training was detailed, expository, and explanatory. Both theory and practical aspects were covered, and our instructors took their time to attend to all our questions. I really learned a lot. Thanks.”

The program received high praise for its focus on self-sufficiency and skill-building.

Another participant, Victor Etim Ikoh, humbly extended his gratitude, saying, “I want to say a very big thank you to our big Daddy of LP 97 Pastor Olukayode Agboola and his lieutenants, especially our visionary APICP CSR Pastor Oluwarinde Biodun, for this wonderful package of deeming it necessary to teach us how to fish rather than give us fish.

“I remain eternally grateful for this opportunity and pray that the good Lord continues to give them more wisdom to impact their generation.”

The tech training, according to Engr. Seton Senu covered topics like Smart Home Automation, Solar/Inverter Installation, and CCTV Installation, equipped participants with valuable skills that can open doors to lucrative opportunities in the ever-evolving technology industry.

The success of the Skill Acquisition program was attributed to the combined efforts of SO TechAfrica, Greenorb Technology, RCCG LP 97 leadership, and the dedicated instructors who shared their knowledge and expertise with the eager participants.

The impact of this CSR initiative was truly transformative, leaving participants with renewed hope for their futures and a sense of gratitude towards those who made it possible. As the community of RCCG LP 97 continues to thrive, the reverberating effects of this event are sure to be felt for years to come.

Indeed, this collaboration between SO TechAfrica and Greenorb Technology, stands as a shining example of how businesses can contribute meaningfully to society and empower the younger generation for a brighter future.

As the participants continue to apply their newly acquired skills, the ripple effects of this event will undoubtedly extend beyond the community, creating a positive impact on a larger scale.

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