Spiritual teacher reveals ‘reason behind masturbation addiction

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In what seems to be an enlightening discourse, spiritual teacher Guru Deseye Subai has once again stirred controversy by exposing what he perceives as the underlying cause of youth addiction to masturbation. While his focus remained squarely on the spiritual dimension of the issue, his revelations took an unexpected turn.

Guru Deseye kicked off his assertion by delving into the root cause of masturbation, attributing it to the power of imagination and the influence of evil spirits inhabiting what he termed the astral plane.

Expanding on his theory, he claimed that these evil spirits actively fuel individuals’ sexual thoughts and perpetuate the cycle of masturbation. According to Guru Deseye, these entities vehemently resist any attempts on the part of the individual to stop the act or tame sexual fantasies.

He further shared that the consistent act of masturbation creates employment opportunities for these evil spirits. He stated that these spirits feast and grow stronger as the individual continues to engage in the act, whereas the individual in question grows weaker and more vulnerable spiritually.

The spiritual teacher’s assertions elicited a mixed response, with many expressing astonishment at the notion of evil spirits being implicated in the act of masturbation. The message left netizens reeling, as they struggled to come to terms with Guru’s message.

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