Meaning of the song, ‘Hello’ by Qing Haywan

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Salaudeen Yusuf Adeshina, popularly known as Qing Haywan aka (Loba Loba Tfic) is an Afro-pop, RnB, reggae, and dance hall music singer and songwriter with hard-hitting lyrics and unusually intricate harmonies.

He has a strong way of communicating with music in both Yoruba and English languages.

Qing Haywan started his musical journey in the year 2011 but recorded his first single in 2018 and ever since then, he has been giving out the best in him and hoping to get to the top and become one of the music industry superstars.

The song Hello by Qing Haywan is a captivating and upbeat number rendered obviously in the Afrobeats style.

This dancehall masterpiece takes listeners on an uplifting journey, delving deep into the essence of how good afro dance music should sound and the longing for authentic connection.

Through poetic lyrics and a melodic arrangement, Qing Haywan skillfully crafts a narrative that resonates with listeners on a profound level.

“Hello by Qing Haywan is available on all streaming platforms,” he said.

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