Richard Oyekunle: Pioneering Real Estate Excellence with RORE Group and eXp Canada

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In the bustling world of Canadian real estate, Richard Oyekunle emerges as a visionary force, donning multiple hats as the Founder of RORE Group, Co-Founder of Roof Capital and a Licensed Real Estate Professional with eXp Canada. His educational journey holding Masters In Business Administration, licensing through the Ontario Real Estate College and a background in Public Relations set the stage for a career defined by passion, dedication, and a commitment to excellence.

RORE Group, an acronym for Real Estate, Opportunities, Results, and Excellence, encapsulates Richard’s mission in real estate. Formerly known as PREGHOMES, the company has left an indelible mark, having served over 250 families in their real estate journey. Richard envisions RORE Group as more than a real estate brokerage; it’s a platform for introducing modern real estate solutions, providing expert advisory services, portfolio management and pioneering innovative initiatives to revolutionize the industry. Beyond transactions, the company is deeply committed to community support, sponsoring initiatives like the Mississauga Food Bank and the African Football Group in Toronto.

Richard’s journey from the banking sector in Nigeria to becoming a Top Real Estate Entrepreneur in Canada is marked by resilience and a pursuit of a vision. His MBA studies paved the way for a career in finance with the United Bank of Africa, where he honed his skills in the intricacies of the banking sector. However, a deeper vision was brewing within him — a vision to make a significant impact in the real estate industry.

In 2015, this vision manifested with the founding of Crestline Realty in Lagos, Nigeria. The journey took an international turn in 2017 when Richard and his wife made the life-changing decision to relocate to Canada. The transition presented new challenges in the Canadian real estate landscape, but Richard’s experience became an invaluable asset. Today, as a Top Realtor & Entrepreneur, he remains dedicated to giving back to the welcoming community in Canada.

Richard’s impact in the real estate realm is underscored by numerous awards, including the 2022 Top 35 Under 35 Realtor, Grand Centurion Award Winner, and recognition among the Top 100 Real Estate Agents Canada-Wide in 2022. His Double Centurion Award in 2021 reflects a commitment to excellence that transcends transactions to focus on individuals, families, and community building. “Real estate isn’t just about transactions; it’s about leaving a lasting impact. My vision is to empower individuals, families, and real estate professionals to build legacies and shape the industry’s future,” he notes.

Richard’s current goals center around the continued growth and development of RORE Group. Empowering realtor partners, implementing real estate solution initiatives, and community-centric projects define the ongoing endeavors. Upcoming projects, including RORE-Precon, RORE Agency, Immigrant-Nest, and a podcast featuring successful business people sharing their journey, exemplify RORE Group’s commitment to innovation and positive impact.

In Richard’s words, “Together, we’re building not just business but futures and legacies.” His journey reflects a commitment to excellence, ethical standards, and a philosophy rooted in consistently delivering the highest quality of work and service. Richard’s story is one of triumph, community support, and a visionary approach that continues to shape the future of Canadian real estate. Richard states, “Community support and collaboration are at the heart of RORE Group’s mission. We believe in shared success, and our initiatives aim to create opportunities, solve challenges, and contribute positively to the communities we serve.

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