Olabisi Buhari Fumuyantan, Realtor making waves in the Nigerian real estate industry

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Dr. Amb Olabisi Buhari Aisha Famuyantan is a highly accomplished and passionate real estate consultant and developer, making waves in the Nigerian real estate industry. As the CEO of Bisbol Realty Homes & Interiors Limited, Dr. Famuyantan has established herself as a trusted expert with a mission to bring life change and integrity to the industry.

With over 1,100 satisfied clients, Dr. Famuyantan has become known for her trustworthiness and honesty in dealing with both landlords and landladies in the diaspora and Nigeria. Her commitment to 100% integrity has earned her multiple awards and recognition in the industry.

Dr. Famuyantan obtained her degree from Lagos State University and furthered her education by earning a Professional Course Certification from the Lagos Business School (LBS). Additionally, she holds the prestigious title of Doctor in Real Estate Management & Development from the Chartered Institute of Public Resource and Politics Ghana.

Offering insights into her career, Dr. Famuyantan stated in a recent conference in Lagos that she has empowered her clients worldwide to achieve impressive returns on their real estate investments. “We offer expert guidance and help our esteemed clients secure generational wealth through real estate portfolios”, she noted

As a role model in the industry, she has also dedicated herself to training and mentoring youths, helping them become better individuals and professionals.

Dr. Famuyantan is known for her excellent communication skills, industry expertise, diligence, foresight, attention to detail, expert negotiation skills, and content creation abilities. With a versatile and goal-oriented approach, she consistently delivers outstanding results for her clients. Furthermore, she is highly regarded for her God-fearing nature and her unwavering commitment to achieving success.

In recognition of her exceptional contributions to the real estate industry and her commitment to youth empowerment, Dr. Famuyantan was appointed as an ECOWAS Youth Ambassador with the EYC. This prestigious appointment further cements her position as a leading figure in the industry.

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