Dchessking Encourages Nigerian Youth to Explore Forex Trading

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Ejiro Segbuyota, celebrated as Dchessking, encourages Nigerian youths to explore forex trading as a means of financial diversification. However, he cautions that before venturing into forex, one should take into account their risk tolerance and hone their skills by thoroughly understanding the market dynamics.

Dchessking noted that many individuals, after mastering the complexities of the forex market, have managed to earn a consistent income. He acknowledged that a significant percentage of people fail in trading, attributing this to misuse of leverage, greed, and a lack of quality education.

The respected trader is the mastermind behind the acclaimed “buy and sell power” trading strategy, also known as pre-imbalance trading. This innovative strategy is currently being employed by thousands of traders across Africa and beyond.

Through his institution, Zedapex Academy, Dchessking is making strides towards spreading his vision. The academy focuses on empowering the youth with the skills necessary to attain success in the forex trading industry.

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