Navigating the Hurdles of Financial Analysis and Real Estate Investment in Nigeria

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In the heart of Nigeria’s federal capital, Abuja, a company is courageously redefining the real estate landscape despite the odds. Forevermore Investment, an ever-evolving group of companies, has for the past four years been a significant player in real estate, automobiles, agriculture and cooperative financial services.

This dynamic company is spearheaded by a financial analyst turned real estate maverick, Kyomnom Bargo Kachiro. The versatile leader, who holds a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Finance and an MBA, has diligently steered the company through a labyrinth of economic challenges while maintaining an uncompromising commitment to quality.

“Knowledge is power, Information is key. Calculate your risks efficiently and take them,” Mr. Kachiro quotes as his personal motto, reflecting his approach to the volatile Nigerian economy and the burgeoning real estate sector.

Forevermore Investment, registered with both the Corporate Affairs Commission and Money Lenders Regulatory Body of Nigeria, has been boldly venturing into ground-breaking projects. Its signature initiative, Bargos by Forevermore Real Estate, offers five-bedroom terrace housing with advanced smart technology and high-quality fixtures. “We offer smart homes that provide overall comfort and good living, creating a haven of serenity to secure luxurious and healthy living,” explains Kachiro.

What sets these homes apart is their adaptability, offering upgradable housing that can be altered to suit current market trends. This unique approach not only enhances the home’s value over time but also increases its resale value. Forevermore Investment is currently working to establish estates and facilities in strategic locations in Abuja, such as Katampe Extension and Guzape.

Interestingly, this ambitious company aims to provide the first mosquito-free estate zone in Nigeria, thus enhancing the health and wellbeing of its residents. Beyond its real estate ventures, Forevermore is keen on forging partnerships with government agencies and ministries to construct offices and staff homes.

Despite the economic volatility and challenges, Forevermore Investment remains resolute. “One of the most obvious challenges is the economy, but it is the one thing one has to be most prepared to face as inflation is more than likely to occur on a somewhat regularly basis,” Kachiro admits. In addition, he notes that delays in building plan approval and other bureaucratic hitches require patience and proactiveness.

Kachiro’s advice to aspiring professionals in the field is to understand the local real estate market deeply, build relationships, stay current, get a mentor, educate clients, be consistent, and embrace technology. “Technology is changing the real estate industry, so it is important to embrace it,” he advises.

Despite the numerous economic challenges and the rising cost of building materials due to the recent removal of fuel subsidy, Forevermore Investment continues to create innovative solutions and navigate the ever-changing tides of the Nigerian economy. Their tenacity and commitment to excellence are an inspiring testament to the power of innovation and resilience in even the most challenging of circumstances.

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