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The Africa Emotional Intelligence Conference (AEIC) is gearing up to tackle the emotional complexities of a migrating world with its upcoming fourth edition, themed “Thriving in a Migrating World: An Emotional Intelligence Pathway.”

Enahoro Okhae, the Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of Pause Factory and GIG Mobility Company, Lagos (Nigeria), and the convener of the conference, emphasized the transformative force of migration in today’s interconnected world. He stated that navigating the emotional dynamics of this evolving landscape is crucial for success and well-being.

“The AEIC returns this year to equip individuals and corporations, migrants and non-migrants, with the necessary tools and insights to thrive and find fulfillment in a changing world,” said Enahoro, who is also the immediate past President of The Life Coaches Association of Nigeria.

Prominent speakers such as Enahoro Okhae, Chantel, Kunle Soriyan, and others will grace the conference, which is expected to be the largest gathering in corporate Africa on emotional intelligence. Taking place online/virtually on July 21–22, 2023, from 9:45 am to 12:15 pm each day, the AEIC promises an engaging and informative experience.

What sets this conference apart is its accessibility, as attendance is free, allowing a broad audience interested in emotional intelligence and its relevance in the migrating world to participate. Emotional intelligence (EI/EQ) has emerged as an essential compass for success and well-being in an interconnected world. This conference seeks to bridge the gap between knowledge and practical application of emotional intelligence in personal and organizational contexts.

The AEIC aims to empower migrants by addressing the emotional challenges and opportunities that come with their journey. Attendees will gain valuable insights into emotional resilience, adaptability, and cultural integration, while connecting with a community of fellow migrants and experts who understand their unique experiences. Additionally, the conference acknowledges the value of staying rooted in one’s current environment for non-migrants. By nurturing a profound sense of belonging, connection, and fulfillment within their local community and cultural identity, non-migrants can achieve personal and professional growth without geographical relocation.

This conference offers a gateway to unlocking the transformative potential of emotional intelligence in a migrating world, whether for migrants seeking personal growth or non-migrants aiming to enhance their leadership skills. Through dynamic discussions, practical strategies, and insights from industry experts, attendees will gain the tools needed to thrive in a changing world and drive personal and organizational productivity.

Pause Factory, a Management Consulting company renowned for its focus on Emotional Intelligence Applications/Strategy and Performance Management, is hosting the event. Individuals and organizations are invited to secure their spots at the “Thriving in a Migrating World: The Emotional Intelligence Pathway” conference by visiting the Africa Emotional Intelligence Conference website to register.

The conference promises an enriching experience on July 21–22, 2023, where attendees will gain the skills and knowledge to navigate the emotional dynamics of a migrating world.

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