Realtor Umoh Blessing speaks on role of real estate agents in building trust

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In the fast-paced world of real estate, it’s easy to prioritise a beautiful and functional property. However, one crucial aspect often overlooked is the property’s location. While marketing efforts focus on captivating visuals, real estate agents play a vital role in providing buyers with an accurate assessment of a property’s pros and cons, establishing trust and transparency.

Now Haven Properties, a boutique luxury real estate agency in Lagos, understands the importance of balancing aesthetics and location. Umoh Blessing Bassey, a real estate consultant, emphasises the significance of guiding clients towards their ideal property, considering all relevant factors, including location.

“While properties may appear stunning, an unfavorable location can significantly impact a buyer’s overall value and lifestyle experience,” states Umoh Blessing Bassey . “As real estate professionals, we have a duty to inform potential buyers about a property’s advantages and disadvantages, rather than presenting it as flawless.”

In today’s era dominated by social media, it’s common practice to showcase a property’s best features to attract buyers. However, this approach often neglects the importance of considering the surroundings and accessibility.

“While marketing a property, it’s easy to focus solely on its visual appeal and overlook the surrounding neighborhood, road conditions, proximity to amenities, and transportation links,” explains Umoh Blessing Bassey.

“While presentation matters, providing a comprehensive understanding of the location is equally important for informed decision-making.”

By acting as informed advisors, real estate agents can build trust and foster long-term relationships with clients. Openly discussing a property’s pros and cons helps buyers align their expectations and avoid future disappointments.

“Now Haven Properties is dedicated to offering a distinct service experience beyond marketing hype,” says Umoh Blessing Bassey . “We believe true success lies in ensuring our clients find their ideal property, requiring transparent communication about both the property and its location.”

This industry where reputation rests on satisfied clients, honesty and integrity are crucial for real estate professionals. Providing comprehensive information about a property’s location before a transaction enables buyers to make informed decisions and avoid potential regrets.

As the real estate market evolves, Now Haven Properties, guided by Umoh Blessing Bassey, remains committed to balancing aesthetics and location. By understanding clients’ needs and preferences and offering transparent advice, they set a new standard in the industry, ensuring clients find their perfect home while maintaining trust and integrity.

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