Youth Parliament Speaker renovates hometown school in Edo

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Speaker of the Edo State Youth Parliament and Chairman of the Prince Uwagboe Foundation, Rt. Hon. Osawemwenhio Uwagboe, formally handed over a completely reconstructed school in his hometown to the Edo State Government (EDSG).

The transfer ceremony took place at Amayo Primary School Odighi in Ovia North-East Local Government Area of Edo State, with representatives from the Edo State Universal Education Board (EDO-SUBEB) present to accept the refurbished primary school.

The renovation was made possible by Rt. Hon. Osawemwenhio Uwagboe and his collaborators, receiving support from entities such as Spir Limited, JumboHub, Lustre Equipment Services, Crown Edge Construction, and the resilient communities building initiative, among others.

During the event, Governor Godwin Obaseki, represented by Honorable Commissioner Zubairu Dada Abubakar, praised the efforts of Rt. Hon. Osawemwenhio Uwagboe and his partners, reaffirming the government’s dedication to inclusive education.

He urged youth to engage actively in societal development, emphasizing that government initiatives alone are insufficient. Hon. Shadrach Udugbai, Special Adviser to the Governor on Youths and Student Matters, also commended Uwagboe for his community-driven initiative, expressing gratitude to the elders and residents of Odighi Community for their steadfast support throughout the renovation process.

During his speech, Rt. Hon. Osawemwenhio Uwagboe expressed his profound love for quality education, emphasizing that it is the master key to freedom. He highlighted the pivotal role education plays in shaping individuals and societies towards prosperity and development.

Additionally, he expressed heartfelt appreciation to the two-man committee of the Prince Uwagboe Foundation, Nosamudiana Uwagboe and Godswill Omuwa Tsedi, for their dedicated efforts in ensuring that the school was renovated to meet high standards. Their commitment reflects the foundation’s unwavering dedication to enhancing educational opportunities for all..Rt. Hon. Osawemwenhio Uwagboe, speaking with journalists, attributed his decision to give back to his community to his unwavering commitment to education.

Inspired by Governor Obaseki’s advancements in the education sector, Uwagboe, upon witnessing the school’s deteriorated state due to vandalism, collaborated with his foundation, the Prince Uwagboe Foundation for Youths and Students, and allies to create a conducive learning environment for the community’s children.

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