Superite Africa’s Sunday Ifijeh gives insight into luxury market

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While Nigeria is gaining prominence as a major player in the global economic landscape, a man from Edo State is quietly revolutionizing the nation’s luxury real estate sector. This man, Sunday Ifijeh, leads Superite Africa, a rapidly growing firm in the high-end real estate market, offering bespoke luxury properties that transcend the ordinary.

With a degree in industrial chemistry from Delta State University, Ifijeh’s journey from the lab to the luxurious world of real estate seems unlikely. His innate curiosity, tenacity, and a passion to professionalize and elevate Nigeria’s real estate landscape led him to this career shift. He says, “I am driven by the desire to make real estate in Nigeria more professional and provide better offerings.”

Ifijeh, who has a wealth of international travel experience, and has visited countries such as the UK, Dubai, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Turkey, Qatar and more, has successfully brought his global exposure to bear on the domestic market.

However, success hasn’t come without its fair share of challenges. “One of the challenges we face in real estate in Nigeria is integrity issues, developers keeping up with their promises,” says Ifijeh. This has served to fuel his determination to create an organization that not only promises but also delivers.

Superite Africa has earned recognition for its integrity, reliability, and unrivalled services. “Expanding from Nigeria to the United Kingdom and the UAE has been our greatest accomplishment,” shares Ifijeh, reflecting on the company’s journey.

His advice to aspiring professionals in his field is potent and poignant. “Have a strong WHY factor,” he asserts. “Your WHY factors will keep you pushing forward when everything seems not working. WHY are you in real estate?”

While rebranding and increasing visibility are on Superite Africa’s current agenda, Ifijeh is keen on continually driving forward. His personal philosophy, “Each step is a step forward, I will arrive,” underpins his approach to overcoming obstacles and maintaining an unwavering focus on his goal.

Despite his accomplishments, Ifijeh remains resolute in his journey. With the steadfast belief in making a difference and the audacity to envision a premium lifestyle offering for Nigeria, Sunday Ifijeh is undoubtedly a name to watch in the luxury real estate landscape. His journey, like the properties he represents, is nothing short of exceptional.

The combination of a scientific background, a global perspective, an indomitable spirit, and a deep commitment to elevating real estate standards is what sets Sunday Ifijeh apart. It’s the chemistry that makes his formula for success in the luxury real estate market so unique.

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