Spiritual teacher explains state of government to Nigerians

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Renowned spiritual teacher Guru Deseye has ventured into uncharted territory, addressing the pressing issue of Nigeria’s governance in his latest message. While known for his controversial viewpoints on societal matters, this marks the first time Guru Deseye has directly tackled a topic deeply resonating with Nigerians.

In Guru’s new message, he stated that God is only present in governments that act as fathers over the populace of their country. He went on to state that God is absent in any government that is a separate entity from the people it governs.

The spiritual teacher further disclosed that once God removes his protection from any government, his angels would face the government. Guru explained that this meant the government would be plunged into deep anarchy, terrorism, poverty, and division.

As he ended his admonishment, he added that governments are judged in the spiritual world by how they ruled in the physical world, and every government without God’s protection will fall like dominoes.

The message struck a chord with numerous Nigerians reflecting their shared frustrations with the country’s current predicament.

With social media platforms often inundated with grievances about Nigeria’s state of affairs, the public response to Guru Deseye’s message has been overwhelmingly positive. Many have found solace and validation in the spiritual teacher’s insights, resonating deeply with his depiction of their reality.

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