Rukayat Alabi: Empowering Immigrants’ Careers Across Borders

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In the realm of global career support, Rukayat Alabi, the Founder and CEO of RKY Group of Companies, is a prominent figure, known for her unwavering commitment to elevating the careers of immigrants. In an exclusive interview, we delved into her journey, her vision, and the impactful work she and her companies are doing.

Rukayat’s academic journey is as impressive as her professional one. She holds a BSc in Accounting from Crawford University and is an Associate Chartered Accountant. Her pursuit of knowledge didn’t end there; she obtained an MSc in Financial Technology from the University of Stirling in the UK, with a Distinction. Her commitment to continuous learning and professional development reflects her dedication to excellence.

As a serial entrepreneur and Banking and Tech Professional, Rukayat wears multiple hats. She serves as the founder and CEO of RKY Group of Companies, which includes RKY Careers, RKY Digital Solutions, and RKY Consulting Services Ltd. Additionally, she holds a senior Finance Analyst position at a UK bank in the City of London.

Rukayat’s journey is fueled by her passion for supporting immigrants in navigating the global job market and helping them secure their desired jobs while excelling in their careers. She recalled her personal journey of relocating to the UK and the challenges she faced in a new space. This experience inspired her to create RKY Careers, where she aims to shatter myths about immigrants settling for menial jobs due to a lack of confidence and exposure to opportunities.

One of Rukayat’s achievements that stands out is being awarded the Ed-tech CEO of the Year for her contribution to elevating the careers of Nigerian immigrants in the UK space. She has also been recognized as one of the top 25 Nigerians changing the face of Education in 2022. Her company, RKY Consulting Service Ltd, has been nominated under the Corporate Coaching and Recruitment Awards in honor of outstanding performance within the UK training industry.

RKY Careers has been involved in several exciting projects, including expansion. Rukayat is taking her renowned career support services and career and tech transition training to North America, specifically Canada and the United States. The upcoming “Limitless Without Borders” networking and tech event hosted by RKY Careers is another exciting venture. It’s set to take place on the 18th of November in Birmingham and the West Midlands, offering professionals and students the opportunity to excel in their careers and make meaningful connections in the tech industry.

Rukayat, CEO of RKY Group of Companies, reflects on her journey by stating, “I founded RKY Careers out of my passion for supporting immigrants in navigating the global job market, helping them secure their desired jobs and excel in their careers. This also started from my personal journey, relocating to the UK and finding my feet in this new space.”

CEO of RKY Group of Companies, Rukayat, continues, “There is usually this myth about immigrants not being able to compete for and secure professional jobs and only settling for menial jobs just because of their lack of confidence and exposure to opportunities that abound.”

Rukayat’s advice to aspiring professionals seeking international opportunities is clear: equip yourselves with in-demand skills with global relevance, stay persistent in the face of adversities and rejections, and never settle for less. Her motto is to create irresistible excellence from every individual’s need, capacity, and challenges.

In her future endeavors, Rukayat hopes to see more Africans living abroad thrive in their careers, transition to more rewarding careers and live fulfilling lives. Her vision and dedication continue to inspire and uplift immigrants globally, proving that with determination and support, success knows no boundaries. “The inspiration that keeps me going is the impact and success stories we have achieved at RKY Careers, which keeps debunking these myths,” she added.

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