Real estate guru, Ishau, restates commitment to ethics, trust at first anniversary

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Real Estate guru, Samuel Ishau, has marked one year anniversary of making his mark in the sector with a promise to transforming Nigeria’s real estate narrative one property at a time.

In a statement of gratitude to investors on the anniversary, Ishau, the CEO/Lead Consultant at New Wine Realty, said “Despite facing numerous challenges, New Wine Realty remains resolute in its commitment to change the narrative and demonstrate that real estate investment in Nigeria can be a secure and lucrative opportunity.

“The path to change has not been without its hurdles. Convincing clients to invest in real estate in Nigeria has been a formidable challenge, given the industry’s reputation, largely due to the activities of unscrupulous individuals who have tarnished the industry’s image.

“Scepticism and fear of being deceived have often led potential investors to hold back or seek alternative investment opportunities.”

The statement noted that in a bold and determined endeavour to challenge the prevailing perception of real estate in Nigeria, New Wine Realty, started by Ishau on July 18, is celebrating its one-year anniversary with a resounding commitment to change the prevailing narrative surrounding the real estate industry and provide a seamless and trustworthy platform for people to secure properties in Nigeria.

“Our primary goal is to challenge the status quo and show clients that real estate investment in Nigeria can be both secure and rewarding.

“It’s been an uphill battle, no doubt,” says Mr. Samuel Ishau, Lead Consultant at New Wine Realty.

“However, we firmly believe that by adopting a transparent, ethical, and customer-centric approach, we can redefine the perception of the industry and are sure of a comeback whenever clients do their due diligence.

“Through stringent verification processes, legal compliance, and rigorous due diligence, New Wine Realty ensures that each property listed on its platform is genuine and free from any encumbrances,” Ishau added.

On future plans, Ishau said New Wine Realty has ambitious plans to further raise awareness about the credibility and potential of real estate investment in Nigeria, through educational campaigns, workshops, and seminars to equip prospective investors with knowledge and insights about the industry.

Samuel Ishau has also said that the company remains steadfast in its commitment to integrity, transparency, and customer satisfaction and through their determination and vision, they can aspire to bring about a positive transformation in the real estate sector, one property at a time.

“We thank all our existing customers for their continued trust and patronage and hope to continue satisfying investors,” Ishau enthused.

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