Organic Skincare Pioneer Keshinro Naomi Spearheads a Skincare Revolution in Nigeria

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Keshinro Naomi, the dynamo behind Nana K’s Organics, is no stranger to redefining norms. As a former beauty queen turned skincare entrepreneur, the 25-year-old Lagos native has developed an organic skincare brand that is redefining the industry and challenging beauty standards.

“Growing up in Lagos state, I grappled with bad skin myself,” she says. “It was when I managed to treat it using a blend of black soap and natural herbs that I recognised the immense potential natural skincare had.”

Nana K’s Organics, launched in 2017, offers over 20 products, all designed to cater to diverse skincare needs. The brand has experienced a steady rise to prominence, all due to Naomi’s relentless pursuit of natural and efficient solutions for skin problems.

“It’s been a journey,” Naomi reflects, reminiscing her past. She, the eldest of three children, graduated from the University of Lagos in 2018 with a degree in Biochemistry. From there, her path has taken her from South Africa to Dubai, amassing knowledge and expertise to perfect her skincare formulations.

The journey has not been without its share of obstacles. “Sourcing original raw materials for production is a challenge in the skincare industry,” she acknowledges. “The scarcity of authentic ingredients often results in inefficient products.”

However, Naomi’s dedication has reaped its rewards. In 2019, she received the Young Achiever of the Year accolade at the GAMA awards. She takes pride not just in the accolade but also in the impact she has on people’s lives through her brand.

“I consider helping people achieve their skin goals and treat their skin problems my greatest accomplishment,” she asserts.

Currently, Naomi is working on the development of more effective natural products, especially treatment serums. Her ambition doesn’t stop there. She strives to make Nana K’s Organics the number one skincare brand known for providing skin solutions.

Naomi’s advice for aspiring skincare professionals is grounded and practical. “I would urge others in my field to focus more on producing products that treat and protect the skin rather than those that bleach,” she advises.

Naomi’s journey, from battling skin problems to creating a successful organic skincare line, exemplifies her philosophy, still yet to be unveiled. Her passion for skincare, coupled with her tenacity, has indeed started a skincare revolution in Nigeria, turning challenges into stepping stones on her path to success.

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