Oreoluwa Adedokun’s Advice to Aspiring Talent Acquisition Professionals: A Blend of Wisdom and Experience

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Embarking on a career in talent acquisition is akin to navigating a dynamic landscape where the ability to adapt, learn, and connect is paramount. For Oreoluwa Adedokun, Manager of Talent Acquisition EMEA at Bentley Systems, his journey has been a tapestry woven with experiences and lessons that have shaped his approach to the field. Here, he shares a blend of wisdom and experience, offering invaluable advice to aspiring talent acquisition professionals.

“Keep abreast of industry trends, emerging technologies, and best practices,” Oreoluwa advises, emphasizing the importance of staying informed in a field that is in a constant state of evolution. Talent acquisition is not just about filling roles; it’s about understanding the nuances of a changing job market and aligning recruitment strategies with emerging trends.

“Build a strong network; networking is invaluable in this field,” he highlights, recognizing the power of relationships in the world of talent acquisition. Creating a robust network, connecting with colleagues, mentors, and industry peers, enhances the ability to navigate the intricacies of the profession. Talent acquisition, for Oreoluwa, is not just about transactions; it’s about building lasting connections.

“Develop soft skills; effective communication, empathy, negotiation, and relationship-building skills are essential for success,” he advises, acknowledging the critical role that soft skills play in talent management. Beyond technical expertise, the ability to communicate effectively, empathize with candidates, negotiate offers, and build relationships is what sets talent acquisition professionals apart.

“Be data-driven in decision-making; familiarize yourself with data analytics and metrics,” Oreoluwa stresses, recognizing the increasing role of data in shaping recruitment strategies. In an era where data-driven decisions are the norm, talent acquisition professionals must leverage analytics to measure the effectiveness of their strategies and optimize processes.

“Adapt to change; be open to new ways of working,” he encourages, underlining the importance of agility in a rapidly changing world of work. Talent acquisition professionals need to embrace new technologies, work methodologies, and remote arrangements, adapting to the evolving expectations of both candidates and organizations.

“Continuous learning is key; invest in your own professional development,” he suggests, highlighting the need for ongoing learning and skill development. Pursuing relevant certifications, attending workshops, and seeking opportunities for growth contribute to staying ahead in the dynamic field of talent acquisition.

As Oreoluwa shares these nuggets of advice, it becomes evident that his guidance is not just rooted in theoretical concepts but is a reflection of a career journey enriched with experiences. For aspiring talent acquisition professionals, his words offer a roadmap, blending the wisdom of seasoned expertise with the freshness of continuous learning, a combination that defines success in the ever-evolving landscape of talent acquisition.

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