Nigeria’s First Virtual Influencer, Mojirade, Styled in Afrocentric Accessories by DunsinCrafts”

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DunsinCraft Collection LTD, the renowned Afrocentric accessory brand, has forged a partnership with REDMUR, an innovative digital fashion company based in Nigeria. Together, they have embarked on an exciting venture aimed at promoting Afrocentrism in the digital fashion industry.
At the forefront of this collaboration is the creation of Mojirade, Nigeria’s first virtual influencer. Developed by the talented team at REDMUR, Mojirade is a remarkably lifelike computer-generated virtual human who embodies the vision and aesthetic of the REMDUR brand. To promote Afrocentrism and celebrate African artistry, DunsinCrafts has taken on the responsibility of styling Mojirade in their exquisite Afrocentric accessories.
DunsinCraft Collection LTD, led by its founder Bolaji Oluwadunsin, has always been committed to igniting a global movement of cultural appreciation and empowerment through their Afrocentric accessories. With this partnership, they are extending their reach into the digital realm, embracing the power of Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality to enhance user experiences and create unforgettable moments in the fashion industry.
By integrating Afrocentric accessories into the virtual fashion landscape, DunsinCrafts aims to empower black women and celebrate their beauty in the metaverse. They recognize the significance of digital fashion in today’s post-Covid-19 world and the potential it holds to create a truly immersive Afro-digital experience.
This collaboration also aligns with DunsinCrafts’ commitment to sustainability and reducing waste. As a leading manufacturer of Afrocentric accessories in Nigeria, they are gradually transforming into a FashionTech company, exploring new avenues for innovation, creativity, and environmental responsibility.
REDMUR, known for their expertise in merging fashion, media, and technology, shares a common vision with DunsinCrafts. Together, they seek to push the boundaries of what is possible in the fashion industry, connecting brands with next-gen consumers through innovative digital solutions.
This partnership marks an exciting chapter for both DunsinCrafts and REDMUR, as they leverage their respective strengths to amplify Afrocentrism in the digital fashion space. By celebrating African artistry and embracing the digital realm, they are set to make a lasting impact on the global fashion industry while empowering individuals to embrace their roots and express their unique style.

As DunsinCrafts and REDMUR continue their journey of innovation and creativity, they remain dedicated to fostering cultural appreciation, driving sustainability, and creating unforgettable experiences in the digital fashion landscape

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