New Leadership Emerges: Rt. Hon. Osawemwenhio Uwagboe Elected Chairman of the Conference of Speakers of State Youth Parliament

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In a momentous event, the Conference of State Youth Parliament Speakers of Nigeria has welcomed a new leader, as Rt. Hon. Osawemwenhio Uwagboe, Speaker of the Edo State Youth Parliament, was elected as the Chairman.

Chairman Uwagboe, in his appreciation speech, passionately highlighted the pressing need for youth inclusiveness in governance. He emphasized the pivotal role young people play in nation-building and expressed his gratitude to Mr. President, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu GCFR, for his unwavering dedication to running a youth-inclusive government.

The new Chairman’s vision for a more inclusive and youth-driven government signifies a promising era for the Conference of State Youth Parliament Speakers. With a focus on amplifying the voices and aspirations of the youth, Chairman Uwagboe aims to foster an environment where the youth actively participate in policy-making processes and contribute to the nation’s development.

This significant leadership change sets the stage for a brighter future, showcasing the potential and determination of young leaders in Nigeria. We look forward to witnessing the positive impact of Chairman Uwagboe’s tenure and the transformative journey that lies ahead for the youth in governance.

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