Meet Amariyadotcom the Face of Holistic Beauty in Africa

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1. Rahma, your journey with Amaryadotcom has been extraordinary. Could you delve into the pivotal moments that transformed a startup into a global beauty phenomenon, achieving an annual growth rate of 250%?

My pivotal moments of transformation will be right from the start. the ability I have always had of customer is king has been transformative in that I listen. I always try to listen to my client’s needs and wants. More importantly there is an increase in number of women choosing to visit spa unlike before. 

Spa and wellness centres are becoming increasingly popular destinations and it’s one of fastest growing sectors in Nigeria. Educating women has increased awareness of personal care.

These needs and wants started with oh Aunty Amaryawhat do you have for us to eat (some services take more than 3 hours) and that birthed our food court services to aunty Amarya kitso fah? When will you open a salon for us, so we do everything here, to Aunty Amarya do you offer facials? I have acne that needs to be extracted that birthed over 15 different facial treatments to Aunty Amarya this my tummy folds are embarrassing anything to remove it without surgery and that birthed both of our lipolysis and laser lipolysis you get the picture. 

All of this answers to our clients’ needs and wants led to something bigger than Me today.

2. Your commitment to merging tradition with technology is evident. How do you balance the artistry of beauty with your scientific expertise as a Licensed Aesthetic Scientist and Laser Technician?

In today’s fast-paced world technology is reshaping the way we live and experience life. This advancements are also redefining the wellness industry. Spa technology at its core means artful application of knowledge we are familiar with. integrating mind, body wellness technologies into the spa and wellness sector has given us the opportunity to bring our traditional treatments to life. 

These technologies offer focus on delivering evidence-based wellness benefits. For example, the LED lights adds to the cell repair of our traditional facial mask like the seaweed mask to help this traditional method work even better. traditional treatments our great, great grandparents used like dukhan heat to steam their bodies back then and now introducing saunas to open pores for the herbs to penetrate our skin even better. This fusion creates multilayered wellness treatment experiences that complement each other. Another example is the use of lipolysis or laser lipolysis to eliminate fat and further using wood therapy to maintain and tone the body, the list endless. 

Most recent in our laser addition is the cutting-edge laser lipolysis, wonders are what we call this advanced Laser technique that blasts fats and suctions the fat out in the most safest and result driven technology I have ever come across with a very dramatic improvement in the appearance of unwanted fat whilst improving skin tightening. We have also added a laser technology that does a three in one wavelength treatment of hair laser removal, Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) for skin rejuvenation & youthful skin and ND Yag handles. Amazing technologies really. By marrying mind/body technologies with time tested wellness treatment, we can achieve lasting results amplify wellness benefits and facilitate positive long-term lifestyle and beauty changes.

3. Achieving over 1000% revenue growth in five years is remarkable. Could you share the key strategies that drove this unprecedented success and how they reflect your vision for Amaryadotcom?

To grow, you have to replicate yourself and that was exactly what I did. I started this journey alone and Ihave learnt no matter how good someone is there will definitely be a limit to grow when you are the ‘every one’ of your business, the CEO, the social media person, the accountant etc, so I delegated, I got a few extra hands to complement mine in some areas then after a while when I am done training those set, I advanced into more services and products and got more competent hands to add to our existing ones.  From a One-man army to over 40 staff and counting like the parable of the tortoise and the hare, visionary companies like mine often get off to a slow start but win the long race. 

I’m such a perfectionist that is both a blessing and a setback but still it’s made me move with a steady more informed move rather than rush into something half- baked. I believe this move has made Amaryadotcom a trusted brand. I have pursued a cluster of objectives which I want Amaryadotcom to be, of which making money is one and not the primary one. Yes, we seek profits but there’s a bigger picture, core values and a sense of purpose beyond just making money this is something that has helped increase us in revenue because it’s always the client first then anything and everything comes second even though I had big audacious goals I also had an apparent incremental evolutionary progress. Steady.

4. Education seems to be a cornerstone of your success. How has your First-Class Honors degree in Business Information Technology (BIT) and international diploma in computing influenced your leadership style and approach to the beauty industry?

In Business Information Technology user requirements by data gathering, analysis and system design and implementation helped shape my customer centric approach, client is King because without listening to the clients and knowing what they need you can’t develop a great system. Same in spa business more than anything, IT training made me tailor the services and products we offer according to client needs and requirements. 

Because we created this systems in a project model it’s made me self-manage my time better have a high-risktolerance level and personal resilience. I am grateful for my BIT journey, all the SWOT Analysis I learned and business models we researched, all shaped my approach to business now with a better sense of team play. BIT has taught me to move from product development to customer development and not even creating the product until the customer has okayed its functionalities. I have always done my feasibility checks I have done so many products in the past that has gone through more than two years of refining,reproducing, and readjusting to satisfy our client’s pain points like I said the customer is King at Amaryadotcom.

5. Beyond business, your impact extends to cultural shifts within Amaryadotcom. Can you elaborate on fostering a more open, peaceful, and accountable company culture?

I’m a peaceful person by Nature. I kind of need for whoever that comes in contact with me by employment or relationship of any kind to be peaceful too. So therefore, I will always rate kindness, peacefulness, and passion above an experienced but rude personality. I know the impact that this has in my kind of industry, in the hospitality industry you need a calm collected person culture in this sector.  I have always been a people person right from childhood both juniors and seniors where my friends back in school. Being this person has taught me a lot of patience and compassion and that most people have something bothering them directly or indirectly, physically, or mentally so an open peaceful and accountable culture within Amaryadotcom I know will make our clients open more so we may truly find out what their pain points are, this way we are more thoughtful and effective in delivering their customized treatments. Also, our Spa is multi departmental where we have everyone accountable to someone, so the work gets done seamlessly.

6. Your mastery isn’t confined to the boardroom. From Henna Art to laser treatments, your expertise spans a diverse spectrum. How do these multifaceted skills contribute to Amaryadotcom’s holistic approach to Beauty?

Various treatments we offer at Amaryadotcom provides different physical, social, and psychological health benefits to our clients. changes in trends in the wellness sector has influenced us at Amaryadotcom to go beyond the traditional framework of wellness services to include aesthetic med spa treatments like the full-facecontouring, fillers to restore loss volume due to age or to improve symmetry, Botox, laser lipolysis etc there is a growing need for new services, our clients have changed. They seek for an all-rounder, a more comprehensive package of services that includes care for physical fitness aesthetics beauty, healthy eating, relaxation, mental activity, and education and of course luxury.  

Like I will keep saying we listen and spring up to action when our client’s needs are concerned. we’re trying keep up with this new changes and meet all the requirements of our clients in the aesthetic and conventional Spa without compromising our traditional services.

7. The beauty industry has seen an astronomical rise in augmentation procedures. How does Amaryadotcom navigate the evolving landscape, ensuring ethical and responsible beauty practices?

With more clients seeking aesthetic beauty treatments,it has become very crucial at Amaryadotcom to adhere to ethical and responsible beauty practices to maintain professionalism and provide quality services. We follow the best practices by ensuring client consultation and assessment, by understanding clients’ needs and expectations so as to provide effective beauty services also so that we identify contraindications or potential risks for clients. By ensuring confidentiality during consultation so our clients build trust and feel comfortable to share their pain points. we unsure absolute hygiene and cleanliness by sterilization of tools and equipment to maintain a safe environment and treatments. I have gone much deeper into the aesthetic med Spa by going to school for years now keeping up to date with the latest cutting Edge Technologies. attending relevant training programs for me and my therapists to enhance their skills and stay updated with industry advancements. Also, by ensuring we employ competent therapists for results driven and safe treatments.

8. Body Dysmorphic Disorder is an increasing concern in today’s beauty culture. How does Amaryadotcom address mental health aspects associated with beauty, ensuring a positive and empowering customer experience?

BDD is real and I have come across a lot of women suffering from this where they feel a focus on a perceived flaw in their appearance. One thing we must understand and accept is that there’s a strong connection between beauty and mental health. When we women feel physically attractive, it reflects on our entire being. The Pursuit of beauty has long been important to women more so in today’s social media world, some people brush aesthetic off as a shallow & unimportant thing but confidence in a woman’s appearance is shown to have a significant positive impact on her mental health it’s why I have undergone extensive education and training to acquire the skills to perform various procedures to improve the health and appearance of our clients. 

By enhancing our client’s beauty, it contributes to a positive body image and promotes self-acceptance. The aesthetic beauty treatments now such as laser lipolysis that will blast fat and you return to your normal activities almost immediately looking and feeling better, to acne spots that we laser up or peel and fade with our skin products, to sunken temples, hip dip, and nasolabial folds that we correct with fillers to frown lines that we Botox up to take yours off our client ages. Or saggy boobs that we use PDO lifting threads to treat. 

Simply put, the physical transformation through aesthetic Beauty treatments can boost self-esteem, feelings of self-consciousness and elevate symptoms of anxiety and depression furthermore the act of undergoing beauty treatments can be a form of self-care and self-indulgence it gives our clients the chance to pamper themselves, prioritize their own well-being. we don’t only provide physical treatments at Amaryadotcom but also psychological support to our clients by introducing our complementary services. 

Amaryadotcom spa has where clients can express their concerns and insecurities but we are going even deeper now by introducing professional services for our clients to help address the deeper concerns that they may have like: trauma healing program, relationship and marriage counselling, mindfulness and stress management amongst others all of these goes back to the ideology behind Her360 where we want inner and outer beauty to balance our women holistically.

9. Amaryadotcom stands out in a saturated beauty market. What unique qualities and practices define your brand, making it the preferred choice for those seeking Holistic Beauty solutions?

Amaryadotcom was built on relationships and customer trust. Word of mouth spiked our growth more than any marketing we have done, I prefer it that way, organic growth. Trust is important to me. You see, I intend to be in this business for decades inshallah. there’s a lot of on learning relearning, doing, and undoing, a continuous update in knowledge and skills through education and trainings. 

The Spa field is constantly evolving, and as new treatments, technologies and research emerge, Amaryadotcom has been staying well-informed and adapting practices accordingly. this way we will keep providing the most current and effective treatments to our clients ensuring optimal results and promoting both their physical the mental well-being.

10. Leading a globally acclaimed wellness and beauty Spa while managing other responsibilities is no small feat. How do you maintain a healthy family-work-life balance as the CEO of Amaryadotcom?

Firstly, I am grateful for the amazing family I have for their immense support and understanding I mean that is one of the most important aspect to balance work life and family life. I am still a work in progress, I am still I’m trying to design my days such that no one suffers my absence, be it work or family. I divide my days into four parts. One part for me is to keep abreast of personal development like learning and skill enhancement, self-reflection, movie and tea times, spa/hair/gym-time etc. The second and fourth part for my kids & partners by allocating time for engaging in meaningful conversations with my husband, participating in my kids’ activities, homework, cooking something we all like and sharing meals together and walks together etc. The fourth segment of my day I put in my business, focusing on creative endeavours or strategic plannings. 

This may seem like a lot yes, it is, some days that I slack in a particular department I don’t stress it like I used to I’m kinder to myself these days I just make up for it the next day or some other time. With several courses I am enrolled in and exams here and there, I delegate a lot these days too, learning more ways to replicate myself. I feel that is the only way not to drown and forget myself in the process.

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