Ifesinachi Ezejiofor: A Nigerian Tech Entrepreneur that is Determined to Transform Lives Using Innovative Tech Solutions.

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Almost every facet of modern living is impacted by technology, from socialization and productivity to the speed and security of transportation, and availability of food and healthcare. It is now simpler than ever to exchange information and ideas globally  thanks to the power of the internet.

The question is how much do we leverage on technological innovations to improve the everyday lives of individuals and businesses in Nigeria and the world at large.

Ifesinachi Ezejiofor, the Founder & CEO NUBiA Mega Tech focuses on providing software solutions that will enhance the daily lives of everyone in Nigeria with the world at large

NUBiA Mega Tech is a Pan-African technology company that offers a variety of software products centered around lifestyle & more. The goal here is to provide user-friendly products that will improve the everyday life of individuals & businesses through research & tailored technology to meet the evolving needs in every market.

NUBiA Mega Tech’s latest initiative, the FoodBag App, is aimed at providing a simpler and more efficient way to shop smarter & faster.

At the press of a button, the FoodBag App provides a huge selection of restaurants, home-made meal choices, groceries,  pharmaceutical products and bulk purchase from consumable manufacturers.

With FoodBag’s cutting-edge technology, you are assured of lightning-fast delivery and 24/7 customer assistance. The goal is to provide everyone with quick and simple access to anything they desire to order from the platform.The FoodBag App also offers a loyalty program where frequent users tend to enjoy unbeatable value.

The Founder & CEO NUBiA Mega Tech, Ifesinachi Ezejiofor, said the FoodBag App is a complete game changer in the Q-commerce industry, He also reiterates how passionate he is about creating game changing software solutions that will transform how people live & work. With relentless pursuit of innovation & commitment to excellence NUBiA Mega Tech will always strive to deliver high quality products & customer experiences,” said Mr Ifesinachi.

Ifesinachi’s continuous drive up the Nigerian tech ecosystem is both courageous  & inspiring. As he continues to set his sights on future international aspirations his ambition continues to drive him towards a positive impact on his country & beyond.

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