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A fast-growing concern in the world of second-hand mobile phone sales, often manifesting in city streets and markets worldwide, is the troubling issue of scams. Buyers find themselves not just at risk of purchasing defective devices, but also falling prey to elaborate schemes designed to rob them of their hard-earned money. Oso-davies Segun, a Lagos-based entrepreneur and the owner of Official Devices, shed light on this issue in a recent conversation.

He responded in a conversation that “After personally experiencing a scam while attempting to purchase a phone in Computer Village, I realized that many people must have faced similar situations and more still to come. As a result, I decided to become a trustworthy source for others, helping them avoid scams and providing reliable gadgets,” Segun shared. This led to the inception of Official Devices in 2017.

He strongly advise people not to buy used phones from people but from a reputable store to avoid story that touches 

Official Devices has grown into a renowned brand specializing in various gadget sales such as phones, laptops, PlayStations, and internet devices. “The core principle behind the creation of this brand was to provide people with high-quality gadgets at an affordable price, ensuring peace of mind for customers looking for good value for their money,” says Segun.

For Segun, the emphasis is on education and preventing future scams. “We are currently engaged in content creation to enlighten people about the features and benefits of smartphones, guiding them towards making informed decisions when purchasing gadgets,” he adds.

In a world increasingly dependent on technology, businesses like Official Devices play a crucial role in not just providing a service but also ensuring the integrity of the trade.

His advice to aspiring professionals emphasizes the importance of being genuine, reliable, and trustworthy.

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