Business Administration Project Topics For Final Year Students

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As you approach your final year in the business administration program, you’re standing at the intersection of your academic journey and the practical world of business. As the business environment evolves, so does the field of business administration. Your final year project is your avenue to display your knowledge, skills, and your power to shape the future of business. 

If you’re a final year undergraduate or MBA student in Nigeria and Ghana, Eduprojecttopics understand the challenges you face when searching for academic materials. They support you on your academic journey, providing research project topics, well-researched materials, and guidance every step of the way.

Join us on a journey of discovery as we explore new and relevant business administration research topics that can serve as the foundation for your final year research work

45 Best Business Administration Project Topics for Students.

1. The Impact of Infectious Epidemic on the Smooth Operation of Microfinance Banks in Nigeria a Case Study of Coronavirus Disease

2. The Impact of Infectious Epidemic on Small and Medium Scale Enterprises in Nigeria a Case Study of Coronavirus Disease

3. The Impact of Infectious Epidemic on Exportation a Case Study of Coronavirus Disease

4. The Impact of Infectious Epidemic on the Banking Industry a Case Study of Corona Virus Disease

5. The Impact of Infectious Epidemic on Manufacturing Industry a Case Study of Coronavirus Disease

6. Economic Importance of Covid19 (Coronavirus) in Nigeria

7. Effect of Coronavirus on Global Economy

8. The Effect of Corona Virus (Covid-19) on the Nigeria Economy

9. Effect of Bank of Industry on Financing Small and Medium Scale Enterprises in Enugu State

10. The Relevance of Online Marketing on the Performance of Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (Smes) in Nigeria

11. The Role of Microfinance Banks in Financing Small Scale Businesses in Ogun State

12. Assessment of Environmental Factors on the Performance of Small Business Enterprises

13. Assessment of the Influence of Conflict Resolution on the Performance of Public Organization of Some Selected Secondary Schools in Karu Local Government Area of Nassarawa State

14. Impact of Training and Development on Workers Productivity Nestle Agbara Factory Ogun State

15. The Relationship Marketing on Customers Patronage of Money Deposit Banks in Port Harcourt

16. Influence of Manpower and Equipment on Productivity in Nta Lokoja

17. Impact of Electricity to Business and National Development

18. An Examination of Leadership Styles and Their Effectiveness in the Organization Performance ( a Case Study of Birnin Kebbi Local Government)

19. Total Quality Management as a Tool for Enhancing Organizational Development

20. Assessment of Privatization Policy of Public Companies in Nigeria

21. An Analysis of E-readiness of a Higher Institution

22. Time Management Strategies and Job Performance of Teachers in Selected Junior Secondary School in Benin Metropolis

23. Organizational Climate and Gender as Correlates of Interpersonal Relationship at Work

24. Television Advertising and the Patronage of Select Noodles by Mothers in Uyo Metropolis

25. Bank Specific and Macro-economic Determinants of Nigeria’s Banks Profitability

26. Research Paper on Structure Follows Strategy: Using Dangote Cement Plc as a Case Study

27. Demand and Supply of Trade/entrepreneurial Subject Teachers in Education District 111 of Lagos State

28. Re-insurance Risk Management on Financial Performance of Listed Insurance Company in Nigeria

29. Research Paper on the Impact of Employee Management in Achieving Organizational Goal

30. The Impact of Employee Management in Achieving Organizational Goal

31. The Effect of Vandalization on Socio Economy Development a Case Study of Kwara State

32. The Impact of Effective Leadership Style on Organizational Performance. Case Study Dangote Cement

33. Proposal on Effective Communication as a Tool for Achieving Organizational Goal and Objective

34. Effects of Pricing Strategies on Sales Volume

35. The Impact of Globalization on Small Scale Industries

36. Appraisal of the Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility on Organizational Image and Performance in the Banking Sector

37. Performance Appraisal as a for Enhancing Organizational Productivity

38. Global Economic Crisis and Its Effect

39. Consumer Buying Behavior and the Influence of Advertising

40. Investment Strategies; an Analytical Overview

41. Effect of Conflict Management on OrganisationalPerformance

42. Impact of Training and Development on Employee’s Efficiency an a Publis Sector, a Case Study of Okene Local Government Council/area Okene, Kogi State

43. Establishment and Management of Small Scale Enterprises in Nigeria: a Survey of Some Selected Supermarkets in Idah Local Government Metropolis KogiState.

44. Impact of Strategic Planning on Corporate Governance in Nigeria (a Case Study of Dangote Flour Mill Lagos)

45. Effect of Conflict Management on OrganisationalPerformance. (a Case Study of Ajaokuta Steel Company, Kogi State)


Throughout this article, we’ve explored a variety of compelling project topics that can serve as the cornerstone of your final year project. These topics reflect the dynamic nature of business administration, aligning with the ever-evolving business landscape. Your project is your platform to showcase your ability to shape the future of business and contribute to its innovation and growth.

Eduprojecttopics understand the challenges faced by final year students in their quest for relevant academic materials. Thisplatform offers a wealth of resources, including research project topics, well-researched materials, and comprehensive guidance to support your academic journey.

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