Beyond passion, music gives me life – 2Smart

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Ever-growing in his skill, delivery, and fanbase 2Smart can be said to be a Next Generation Superstar with a goal to influence the Afrobeats landscape with sounds that appeal to a local and international audience.

Focusing on making music that speaks to the soul as well as topics in society that are relatable to his fans whether it is singing about finding love, his rise to the top, or just making music that makes your body move you can be sure to get the best of everything.

Speaking to our correspondence he said “Beyond passion, music gives me life. I want to use my experience to continue to convert every new listener to fan.”

Passion is one of the many standout words that can define 2Smart as he started his journey to becoming a musician with a raw and unfiltered love for music, then he proceeded to develop his artistic sides such as his delivery and “pen game”.

What’s next?

After being out of the music scene for a while Superstar 2Smart is set to release his first single as he teases us with a post on his Instagram page with a song titled ‘Body Dey Pepper’ scheduled for a release in March 2024.

With a perfect combination of artistic style and steel-cutting values 2Smart has his head in the right place and this is a name that will definitely be remembered.

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