AUATON Crowns Paul Rufus: A Harmony of Music and Advocacy

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In a harmonious fusion of music and advocacy, the Amalgamated Union of App-Based Transporters of Nigeria (AUATON) proudly introduces Paul Rufus as their official Ambassador. The ambassadorial celebration resonated through the union’s Lagos secretariat, attended by esteemed figures, including Comrade Jolaiya Moses, the head of Partnerships, and national treasurer.

Rufus, renowned as the “Uber Joor” crooner, isn’t merely a musical maestro but a serial entrepreneur with a multifaceted portfolio. As the founder and CEO of Stereo Pay, Medpau International Limited, Master Chi Records, Permit Entry Limited, Ounje.ng, and numerous other ventures, Rufus embodies a unique blend of artistic flair and entrepreneurial spirit.

The endorsement ceremony held at AUATON’s Lagos secretariat marked a symbiotic relationship between Paul Rufus’s musical prowess and his advocacy for app-based transporters. Comrade Adebayo Great Padmore, the acting president, echoed, “We are proud to endorse Paul Rufus as our Ambassador. His song ‘Uber Joor’ not only entertains but sheds light on the challenges faced by drivers, particularly in the wake of the fuel subsidy removal.”

“Uber Joor,” beyond being a catchy tune, serves as a poignant narrative addressing the harsh realities confronted by drivers on the road. In a plea directed at E-hailing app companies, Rufus urges a reevaluation of prices and commissions, taking into account the economic hardships faced by drivers. Comrade Jayesimi Azeez, the Lagos state Chairman, stated, “Paul Rufus’s music resonates with our struggles, and his advocacy aligns with our mission for fair treatment in the industry.”

The union’s endorsement of Rufus not only acknowledges his musical prowess but also celebrates his commitment to highlighting the challenges faced by app-based transporters. As Comrade Toluwani Nkechi, the National woman leader, succinctly puts it, “Paul Rufus is not just an artist; he’s our Ambassador, amplifying our voice through music and advocating for positive change in our industry.”

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