6 Years of Excellence: Folasade Omotoyinbo Launches Foundation

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As Poshglow Skincare celebrates its 6th anniversary today , its CEO, Folasade Omotoyinbo—a renowned Nigerian aesthetician and beautician—is unveiling an impactful initiative designed to fight hunger across Nigeria. The Folasade Omotoyinbo Foundation will officially launch this Saturday at Poshglow Skincare’s headquarters, actualizing Omotoyinbo’s vision of a nourished and empowered community.
The trajectory of Omotoyinbo’s career, from her beginnings as a certified beauty therapist in London to becoming a celebrated entrepreneur in Nigeria, exemplifies resilience and an unwavering commitment to societal improvement. Under her guidance, Poshglow Skincare earned the City People Entertainment Award for Best Skincare Brand in 2020. Now, she is steering the brand towards a philanthropic path.
“I believe in a holistic approach to wellness, one that stretches beyond skincare to address fundamental human needs like food and nutrition,” Folasade explains. “The Folasade Omotoyinbo Foundation aims to build a healthier, stronger community where well-being is accessible to all, regardless of economic circumstances.”
The foundation’s robust agenda includes setting up food banks at strategic locations throughout Nigeria. The long-term objective is to nourish millions of households, fulfilling a crucial part of Folasade’s broader agenda for community empowerment—a consistent focus throughout her tenure at Poshglow Skincare.
“But our work extends beyond just feeding people,” Folasade continues. “We aim to empower individuals by teaching them how to become financially independent, capable of caring for themselves. The idea is to require minimal support from us once they are well set up, thereby sustaining a culture of self-reliance and mutual assistance.”
“Caring and Empowerment for All” is not just about the distribution of food; it encompasses a more extensive mission of instilling hope, nurturing self-sufficiency, and sparking a ripple effect of shared prosperity across communities. “We’re not simply setting up food banks; we’re sowing the seeds of mutual support and resilience, aimed at driving our society towards sustainable development,” she elucidates.
In an industry that often fixates on external aesthetics, Folasade’s human-centered approach sets her apart. Her advocacy for organic and natural skincare, now coupled with her humanitarian pursuits, offers a comprehensive approach to wellness and community involvement.
The launch of the Folasade Omotoyinbo Foundation marks a seminal chapter in Poshglow Skincare’s illustrious story, with Folasade herself conducting an inspiring symphony of positive transformation. The anticipation for this weekend’s launch is a tangible embodiment of the hope and life-changing impact the foundation aims to seed across Nigeria.
Folasade’s career serves as a compelling testament to the symbiosis of entrepreneurship and philanthropy. She has redefined success in the business realm to include a broad scope of societal impact. As she continues to make her indelible mark on both the skincare industry and the humanitarian sector, she establishes herself as a trailblazer for sustainable change, crafting a legacy that far surpasses mere commercial achievement.

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