Blaqbelieve talks about his forthcoming project, ‘Diligence’, goals as independent artist

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Few voices in the music scene are as exciting and authentic as that of independent artist, Ebrakumo Buku, better known by his stage name, Blaqbelieve.

The songwriter and recording artist sat down with us to talk about his journey in the music industry, shedding light on his humble beginnings, challenges, and achievements in his career.

Born on September 7, 1997, Blaqbelieve’s early life was split between Delta and Bayelsa state in Nigeria. His love for music began early on, fostered by his elder brother’s passion for different genres.

“Music had always been part of me,” Blaqbelieve recalled. “I can’t point to a particular event, but when I was growing up, I just realized how much I loved music. I would find myself singing for hours and hours”

This love eventually led him to produce his first official single, “Loke Loke,” featuring Bella Shmurda in December 2019, earning him significant recognition.

His first project, the “Cupid & Strives” EP, was released in October 2021 and garnered over 1.2M + Apple Music streams and 6.6M + streams on Audiomack, a significant milestone for any independent artist.

Despite the success, Blaqbelieve’s journey has not been without its fair share of obstacles, especially in balancing the business aspect of music with the art itself.

“There are a lot of challenges, especially for an independent artist,” Blaqbelieve admitted. “I guess the primary one is the financial limitations and having to juggle between the business and the art.”

Despite these hurdles, Blaqbelieve’s tenacity and passion for his craft have not only kept him going but also led him to his greatest accomplishment: finding his own sound.

“My greatest achievement would be finding my own sound,” he said. “I love music so much, and I’ve played a lot and all kinds of music. So in that midst, one might sometimes get confused. But with time, finding myself and my sound was amazing.”

Currently, Blaqbelieve is focused on his next project, a highly anticipated album titled “DILIGENCE.” The title reflects Blaqbelieve’s belief in the importance of being diligent in his musical journey. The album, already making waves with the release of the first single “LEAVE ME” featuring rapper Jason Nkanga, is set to feature other remarkable talents like Psycho YP, Ayūū and more.

Blaqbelieve’s journey illuminates the challenges and rewards of being an independent artist. As he prepares for the release of “DILIGENCE,” his inspiring story of perseverance and passion serves as a powerful reminder of the power of music and the indomitable human spirit that fuels it.

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